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Although the Yarsan number over one million in Iran, they are considered Fergh-e-Zaleh, a false cult, by the Shia-dominated Islamic Republic of Iran. Activist Hajir Shirifi told Kurdistan24, The act of mocking Yarsans by a mob is nothing but the continuation of the government's systematic attack on ethnic and religious minorities in Iran. Shirifi accused the Iranian government of. Yarsanism aka Kaka'i or Ahl-e Haqq, is a Kurdish religious system founded in the 14th century between the border of the KRG (near Halabja) and Iranian-occupied Kurdistan (mostly around Kirmanshah), and more recently also in the Diaspora in Western countries Yarsan - Tanbur Celebration in (Baba Yadgar) Dalaho Kirmashan. East Kurdista Fedration Yarsan årsmöte i Göteborg den 2016-04-09 كنگره فدراسيون يارسان له شار يوتوبورى له تاريخ ٩-٤-٢٠١٦ . ئازار 20, 2016. ئاگاداری خاکسپاری. تشرینی دووه‌م 08, 2016 هواول و آخریار ئایار 22, 2020. کۆنگرەێ یاری کورد و چەن قسەێک لە لاێەن شادوست کریمی. https://kulseyyid.com/yarsan 72'lerden {72 Pir} bahsediyorduk. Bunlar dünyanın dört bir yanından Hewreman'a gelip toplanmışlar. Sonrada fikir birliği yapıp d..

Sine'de (Sana, Sanandaj) 4. Def Festivali coşkusu Doğu Kürdistan'ın kültür kenti Sine'de 4. Def Festivali'ne katılan yüzlerce def sanatçısı renkli görüntüler.. The planned project deals with the Yarsan, a religious group which took shape in the west of Iran in the 14th century. Now its followers mostly live in some Kurdish parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. This religion, which is called Yari, is obviously the outcome of religious movements against the Islamic Caliphate in early centuries of Islam in Iran. It is noticeable that there are.

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Iran: Life of Yarsan woman Shokoufeh Yadollahi in peril. April 23, 2018. in Women's News. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. The life of prisoner of conscience Shokoufeh Yadollahi, a Yarsan woman who was badly beaten in the head during arrest and detention, is in danger as she has been denied medical care. Ms. Yadollahi was brutalized and arrested on February 20, 2018, during security forces. Dabei ist es Yarsan Schweiz besonders wichtig, die Strukturen der Gemeinschaft so schnell wie möglich wiederherzustellen. Gute Vorbereitung verschafft im Notfall einen entscheidenden Vorteil. Wir arbeiten mit Kindern und lokalen Partnern zusammen, um Risiken zu minimieren und um die Widerstandsfähigkeit der Menschen in von Katastrophen bedrohten Gebieten Dörfer Provinz Kermanshah-Iran zu. Yarsan of Iran, Socio-Political Changes and Migration. von: S. Behnaz Hosseini. 80,24 € Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan Format: PDF: Veröffentl.: 07.02.2020: ISBN/EAN: 9789811526350: Sprache: englisch: In den Warenkorb Als Gutschein Dieses eBook enthält ein Wasserzeichen. Beschreibungen. Titelbeschreibung <p></p><p>This book examines how socio-political surroundings have affected the evolution.

Weitere Informationen zu dem Erdbeben in Kermanshah-Iran finden Sie unter www.yarsan.ch. Hier ist unser 3 Hilfsgüter an Erdbeben-Opfern Kermanshah-Iran>>>3 Hilfsgüter Verein Yari Schweiz an Erdbeben Opfern Kermanshah-Iran. Bericht Freundeskreis Schweiz - Iran, Vital Burger. Hier die ersten Eindrücke unserer Iranreise vom Dezember / Januar 2018 . Erdbebenopfer in Kermanshah-Iran. Im. The Yârsân or Ahl-e Haqq (Kurdish: یارسان ‎, Yarsan, [1] [2] Persian: اهل حق ‎ Ahl-e Haqq People of Truth), is a syncretic religion founded by Sultan Sahak in the late 14th century in western Iran. [3] The total number of members is estimated at around 1,000,000, [4] primarily found in western Iran and Iraq, mostly ethnic Kurds, [5] [6] [7] though there are also smaller. Yarsan people are regarded as third-class citizens in Iran because they are both Kurd and Yarsan, Shahsawari remarked. They are not allowed to attend the universities, take governmental positions, run for elections and have no representatives in the Iranian parliament, he added. The Yarsan faith dates back to the 14th century in Iranian Kurdistan. Iranian Yarsan people mostly reside in. The Yarsan faith is one of the oldest in the Middle East. Also known as Ahl-e Haqq (People of the Truth), it is estimated to have about three million followers in Iran, most of whom live in. Although the Yarsan number over one million in Iran, they are considered Fergh-e-Zaleh, a false cult, by the Shia-dominated Islamic Republic of Iran. In August, Washington condemned Iran's abuses of religious minorities, including Yarsan and Sunni Kurds, Baha'is, Christians, and Jews. In its Wednesday International Religious Freedom Report for 2016, the US Department of State, Bureau.

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  2. Iran ‌Human Rights. IRGC Forces Kill an Ahwazi Farmer Protesting Against Forced Eviction. ‌Human Rights. Mass execution perpetrated against Ahwaz people. Iran. France has expelled an Iranian diplomat. Iran. IRAN SECURITY FORCES TO CONFRONT UNREST THAT SERVES U.S. ‌Human Rights. The issuance of a 10-year prison sentence for a Sardasht citizen Iraq. Iraq. Iraq denies responsibility for.
  3. Iran: 1: 1:76,782,524: 277,752: United States: 1: 1:362,510,506: 1,993,647: Yarsan (55) may also be a first name. Yarsan Surname Meaning. User-submitted Reference . This name is a Kurdish religious name. It is an old religion and they aim for good behavior. The meaning is 'best brother' or 'big brother'. - shwankakay. Submit Information on This Surname for a Chance to Win a $79 Genealogy DNA.
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Versammlung von Kurden der Ahl-e Haqq vor dem iranischen Parlament. Gestern, am Sonntag, den 20. Oktober 2013, versammelten sich zahlreiche Kurden vor dem iranischen Parlament, um die Anerkennung ihrer religiösen Rechte als Angehörige der Ahl-e Haqq (die Kurden nennen die Religion Yarsan) zu fordern Followers of Yarsan live in Kermanshah, Hamadan, Tehran, Roudehen, Jajrud, Shahriar, and Khorasan, and outside Iran, they live in countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Albania, Afghanistan, and Syria. Rural purity and simplicity are obviously reflected in sacred poems of Ahl al-Haqq. The notions figuring in their poems reveal that the ritual was. Listen Persian and Iranian mp3 videos at free of cost. We are best Persian and Iranian mp3s videos provider. Search here latest and free Persian and Iranian mp3 videos

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  1. June 22, 2013 SAHNEH, Iranian Kurdistan,— Members of the Yarsan faith in Iran and across the border in Iraqi Kurdistan (Southern Kurdistan) have staged angry protests and acts of self-immolation, after Iranian prison guards violated a religious prohibition by shaving off the moustache of a Kurdish Yarsan inmate last week
  2. The educational documentary film Music of Yarsan: A Living Tradition is an investigation into the variety of musical practices in the life of the Kurdish Ahl-e Haqq people of the Guran region, in the Kermanshah province of Iran. Eric West, the film's technical director and chief editor, is the Academic Media Specialist for Academic Technology, in the division of Technology Services at CSU.
  3. ority who reside, for the most part, in the Kurdish-do
  4. The Yarsan or Ahle Haqq, is a syncretic religion in the late 14th century in western Iran. The total number of Yarsanis estimated at around 2,000,000 or 3,000,000. Primarily found in western Iran and eastern Iraq, mostly ethnic Goran Kurds, though there are also smaller groups of Turk, Persian, Lori, Azeri and Arab adherents. Some Yarsanis in Iraq are called Kaka'i. Yarsanis are also found.
  5. http://www.kulseyyid.wordpress.com/yarsan http://www.facebook.com/sultansinemi

The Yarsan spokesman told CHRI that in Hashtgerd, northeast of Tehran in Alborz Province, 28 of the faith's 30. The Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights in Iran. CHRI investigates and documents rights violations occurring throughout Iran, relying on first-hand accounts to expose. Yārsān of Iran, Socio-Political Changes and Migration $ 89.99. Buy Now. Category: Book. Description ; Reviews 0; Product Description. Price: $89.99 (as of Jan 15,2020 01:09:53 UTC - Details) This book examines how socio-political surroundings have affected the evolution of Yārsāni religious thought and why the Yārsāni religious belief, despite its fundamental disagreement with Islamic. Although the Yarsan number about one million in Iran, they are considered Fergh-e-Zaleh, a false cult, by the Shia-dominated Islamic Republic of Iran. Ardeshir Rashidi, a Yarsan from Kermanshah, told Kurdistan24, The continuous assault and disrespect for the belief and faith of Yarsan under the Islamic State of Iran must be rejected by every decent human being everywhere. Rashidi, the.

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  1. antly Kurdish provinces. Another 120,000 to 150,000 live in Iraq, where they are commonl
  2. Yarsan na daya daga cikin tsofaffin addinan Gabas Ta Tsakiya kuma yana da mabiya fiye da miliyan daya a kasar Iran
  3. On the morning of 25 th May, the same year, another Yarsan follower named Nikmard Taheri in front of the camera, set himself on fire and died an hour later. Ahlehagh or Yaresan is a mystical religious with mystical rituals whose population in Iran has been estimated about two million people, who live mostly in the West and North West of Iran

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A Yarsan soldier committed suicide at his army barracks in the city of Ghorveh on 7 April 2014, which was due to being discriminated against and it was also in protest against the deliberate discrimination against his Yarsani community A Kurdish Yarsan student was barred from completing his dissertation by Razi University of Kermanshah for mentioning his religion as Yarsan (also known as Ahle Haqq) at a questionnaire as part of Continued Summons and Pressure on Yarsan Activists in Kermanshah. by KHRN 20.11.2018. 20.11.2018. On the eve of the 17th commemoration of the Yarsan great master known as Seyed Khalil Alinezhad.

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  1. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Yarsanism in Iran.: Subcategories. This category has only the following subcategory. * Iranian Yarsanis‎ (7 P
  2. Get this from a library! Yārsān of Iran, socio-political changes and migration. [S Behnaz Hosseini
  3. 72 maqam rituels des Yarsan. Paris : Maison des cultures du monde, 2002 UPC code 298492601103 Compact disc version: Moradi, Ali Akbar. 72 maqam rituels des Yarsan. Paris : Maison des cultures du monde, ℗2002 (OCoLC)62114925: Material Type: Music, Sound recording, Internet resource: Document Type: Internet Resource, Computer File, Sound Recordin
  4. Yarsan. Iran 28 July 2013 10:55 Iranian citizen committed an act of self-immolation in front of Parliament Iran. Latest. Kazakh cities introducing smart technologies via Smart City projects.

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To Asma Jahangir- UN Special Rapporteur on Iran, About Yarsan, a religious minority in Iran. admi آگوست 14, 2017 About Yarsan, English, Human Rights, Y D O, روانگە/ دیدگاە رسمی سد Yārsān of Iran, Socio-Political Changes and Migration. Authors: Hosseini, S. Behnaz Free Preview. Explores the evolution of Yārsāni religious thought and its affiliation with Islam; Examines how the experience of worship influences real life for the Yārsānis; Debates the current transformation and increased openness of Yārsāni religion ; see more benefits. Buy this book eBook 64,19. Yarsan is a Kurdish religion which most of the believers live in the province of Kirmaşan in Rojhełat (Iranian occupied Kurdistan) and Xaneqîn in Başûr (Autonomous Kurdistan Region in the Iraqi state which also occupies parts of Kurdistan) while in the latter place they are called Kakeî / Kākaī. The Yarsanis celebrate how Sultan Sahak and his disciples successfully fled and hid from. HRANA News Agency - Followers of Yarsan called for the recognition their faith in the constitution and lection law on the third anniversary of self-immolation of two of Yarsan followers. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), followers of Yarsan called for the recognition of their faith in the.

Yarsan people are continually exposed to pervasive discrimination by Islamic Republic of Iran. This discrimination applies to all personal and social affairs, including involvement in political affairs, the right to interfere in the decision-making organs, the native language education, the labor market, acquiring government jobs, free education, religious practice, and the right to create. Events: RAVING IRAN - ESSEN, FILM & PARTY. Luzern,17.03.2018. PRESENTED BY Verein Yari Schweiz | Treibhaus Luzern. Der Verein Yari Schweiz präsentierte in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Treibhaus Luzern einen Benefiz-Anlass der besonderen Art: Ein Iranisches Küchenteam wurde kulinarische Spezialitäten zum Abendessen zubereitet

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The Islamic Republic of Iran is host to one of the largest and most protracted urban refugee populations worldwide, with approximately 3 million Afghans living in the country. UNHCR works with refugee communities and assists the most vulnerable. We are supporting progressive government policies on education to ensure refugee and host-community children's continued and enhanced access to safe. Beiträge über Yarsan von Tangsir. In the name of Pirouze Parsi (Ferdowsi) and Kasravi the Great! | Censored/shadow-banned almost everywhere and prosecuted by German, Pakistani and Turkish court

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  1. Kurdish Yarsan. 2,129 likes · 3 talking about this. ‎یارسان، اهل حق، کاکه ای،طایفه،Yarsan, Ahle haqq, Kakehi,
  2. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Members of the Yarsan faith in Iran and across the border in Iraqi Kurdistan have staged angry protests and acts of self-immolation, after Iranian prison guards.
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The Yarsan or Ahl-e Haqq (Kurdish: یارسان ‎, Yarsan, Persian: اهل حق ‎‎ Ahl-e Haqq People of Truth) is a syncretic religion founded bySultan Sahak in the late 14th century in western Iran The similarities between Alevis and Yarsans (or Kaka'is, same people) essentially comes from the Ghulat elements present in their beliefs. Ghulat is arabic for 'exaggerators' or 'extremists', mainstream orthodox Shiites use(d) this term for the mi.. Pris: 809 kr. Inbunden, 2020. Skickas inom 10-15 vardagar. Köp Yarsan of Iran, Socio-Political Changes and Migration av S Behnaz Hosseini på Bokus.com HRANA News Agency - Abdollah Qasemzadeh, Bakhsh Ali Mohammadi and Sahand Ali Mohammadi the Yarsan followers in Urmia prison have been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and 400 million tomans blood money on charge of collaboration in murder. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), each one of Abdollah Qasemzadeh, Bakhsh Ali Mohammadi and Sahan

Determination of the metal contents of honey samples from Orumieh in Iran. S Saghaei, H Ekici, M Demirbas, E Yarsan, I Tumer. Kafkas Univ Vet Fak Derg 18 (2), 281-284, 2012. 20: 2012 : Heavy metal levels in mussels (Unio stevenianus krynicki) obtained from Van Lake. E YARSAN, ALİ BİLGİLİ, İ TÜREL. Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 24 (1), 93-96, 2000. 20: 2000: Studies on. This article is within the scope of WikiProject Iran, an attempt to build a comprehensive and detailed guide to articles related to Iran on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please join the project where you can contribute to the discussions and help with our open tasks. B This article has been rated as B-Class on the project's quality scale

Musicians from the Alevi tradition of Turkey and Yarsan tradition of Iran perform ritual songs, led by UNESCO award-winning musician Dertli Divani. Find out mo This biosphere reserve situated in the north of Iran at the border to Armenia and Azerbaijan belongs to the Caucasus Iranian Highlands. In-between the Caspian, Caucasus and Mediterranean region, the area covers mountains up to 2,200 metres, high alpine meadows, semi-arid steppes, rangelands and forests, rivers and springs. Arasbaran is the territory of about 23,500 nomads who are mainly living. Yarsan: Agama Rahasia di Iran. KAMI: Pasang Bendera Setengah Tiang Pada 30 September. Ahli Cemas RI Menjadi Episentrum Covid-19. Pesantren Ini Merekam Pemberontakan PKI Madiun 1948. Prajurit Korsel Tertembak, Kim Jong Un Minta Maaf. Penyiksa TKI di Malaysia Kalah Banding. PM Imran Khan: Kartun Nabi Gencarkan Islamofobia . PM Suga Optimis Gelar Olimpiade Jepang 2021.

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YARSAN OF IRAN, Socio-political Changes and Migration, Hardcover by Hosseini,... - $150.40. FOR SALE! Yarsan of Iran, Socio-political Changes and Migration, Hardcover by Hosseini, S. Behnaz, 38359964300 The Yarsan or Ahl-e Haqq (Kurdish: یارسان‎, Yarsan, Persian: اهل حق‎‎ Ahl-e Haqq People of Truth) is a syncretic religion founded by Sultan Sahak in the late 14th century in western Iran. The total number of members is estimated at around 500,000 or 1,000,000, primarily found in western Iran and eastern Iraq, mostly ethnic Goran Kurds, though there are also smaller groups of. Iran's Security forces arrested a Kurdish Yarsan activist who was a resident of Neka (a city in the north of Iran) and transferred him to an unknown location. The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that on Aug 30, 2017, Hossein Mansouri,a Kurdish Yarsan activist was arrested by security forces in Neka and transferred to an unknown location Yarsan Yarsan Yar is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Yarsan Yarsan Yar and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and..

VANCOUVER,— Kurdish diaspora is reacting to the plight of Yarsan in Iranian Kurdistan, protesting in different parts of the world.Numerous groups expressed support for Yarsan, urging the attention of international bodies to the cause of Yarsan in Iran. The plight of Yarsan was hidden from foreign eyes, but they have been resisting tough pressures, under the fanatic regime in Iran Yarsan . Ehl-i Hakk (Kürtçe: ﯼاڔﮦساﻥ Yâresân, Farsça: اهل حق Ehl-i Hak; Çoğunlukla İran'da yaygın olan, heterodoks bir Şiî inanışıdır On 24 April, two Yarsan's brothers immolated themselves by fire and both have lost their lives due to severe injuries. A source close to Fozoni's family reports Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that on 24 April Mahdi, the younger brother who was unemployed and recently suffering from severe depression went to Sarab Qamar (in Kermanshah Province, Iran) immolated himself by the fire

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Yarsan riksförbundet tredje styrlsemöte i nyköping den 2016-07-30 En närmaste aktivitet är konferens om hur ska yarsan få kämpa för sina rättigheter i Iran och Irak (Kurdistan) . Samt ett stor samling i mellansverige ska ordnas för att få bevara yarsans kultur och goda traditioner . Härmed vi ropar hjälp för goda kraft och tankar som kan hjälpa vårt samhälle i Sverige och. Yarsan Anhänger sind im heutigen Iran bei der Arbeit und im Studium diskriminiert, und sind Opfer der staatliche Repression, besonders die politische Verfolgungen gegen politisch aktive Kurden sind an der Tagesordnung. Täglich fliehen viele Yarsan Anhänger aus dem Iran nach Europa oder US, um eine menschenwürdiges Leben führen zu können. Alimorad Youssofi. 01.02.2014. پیروان.

Tag: Yarsan. February 26, 2018 February 27, 2018 From Kurdistan Music. Songs Echo From the Mountains. Songs have been a significant part of Kurdish culture . throughout past eras, occupants of this land have been reading delicate ,powerful ,motivating words on both happy and sad occasions; for instance, weddings ,Newroz and celebration occasions in addition to wistful words sang in lamentation. Yarsan Karamy is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Yarsan Karamy and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected Country Islamic Republic of Iran SIGI 2019 Category Very high SIGI Value 2019 58% Discrimination in the family 90% Legal framework on child marriage 75% Percentage of girls under 18 married 21% Legal framework on household responsibilities 100% Proportion of the population declaring that children will suffer if mothers are working outside home for a pay - Female to male ratio of time spent on. According to the Yarsan Democratic Organization, the religious group took shape in the west of Iran in the 14th century. The Yarsan Community Civil Activists Society lists the preservation of religious identity, achieving national reconciliation, seeking freedom, seeking equality among all citizens and ending all forms of discriminations as its objectives

Ender Yarsan currently works at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), Ankara University ‎یارسان گوران yarsan goran‎. 279 likes · 3 talking about this. ‎یارسان گوران پیجیکە تایبەت وە کوردان یاری و بە تایبەت آخا سید قاسم افضڵی و آقا سید فرزاد افضلی پیرەیل عەزیز و فەرزانە. Tag: Yarsan. Categories. Books. Religious traditions of the Yaresan. Post author By Shervin Farridnejad; Post date 22/05/2020; Kreyenbroek, Philip G & Yiannis Kanakis. 2020. God first and last: Religious traditions and music of the Yaresan of Guran. Volume 1. Religious traditions (Iranica, GOF III/NF 18,1). Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag. The Yaresan or Ahl-e Haqq are a relatively large.

HRANA News Agency - Father of a Yarsan activist, Reza Shahmoradi, who lives in Australia, was summoned to the Intelligence office in Bijar, in Kurdistan Province, and interrogated. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the elderly father of Reza Shahmoradi, Kurdish Yarsan religious activist, who lives. Ali Akbar Moradi is a Yarsan Kurd from the region of Guran, in Kermanshah province. He is becoming one of the foremost masters of the Kurdish tanbûr in Iran. In these 4 CDs, he shares his religious devotion as well as an essential heritage of Middle-East Sandhu, Amritbir 3:30 pm Film summary Music of Yarsan: A living tradition The film is based on the musical life of the Kurdish Ahl-e Haqq (people of the truth) people of the Guran region in the Kermanshah province of Iran. The people of Yarsan believe that the main force cosmos manifest itself in a cyclic manner through a seven-layered cluster referred to as Haftan. The Ahl-e Haqq is a very.

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iran-travel bietet alle auf der Website zur Verfügung gestellten allgemeinen Informationen einzig als Orientierung für den Nutzer an. Allgemeine Informationen sind alle Angaben auf der Website mit Ausnahme von Angaben betreffend die Reise- und sonstigen Leistungen, Preise und Steuern. Sie müssen damit rechnen, dass sich die Allgemeinen Informationen jederzeit ändern können. Es sollte sich. The Islamic Republic of Iran has removed the other religions option from the national ID card application form, a move that appears to be designed to deny millions of Iranians full citizenship.. Members of unrecognized religious minorities such as Baháʼís, Yarsan, Mandaeans and Christian converts will either have to lie or hide their beliefs in order to enjoy citizenship rights in Iran

Iran Daily: Want a National ID? Then Deny Your FaithYarsan | Yarsani People of Iran | Urdu - YouTubeA Yarsan Activist Summoned And Interrogated By TheReligion in Iran | What is Iran religion? - Iran Travel

NCRI, 21 Oct 2013 - The Iranian regime's security forces have arrested 80 members of the Yarsan Kurd minority protesting for equal rights outside the Iranian parliament in Tehran.Among those arrested and held in a bus inside Evin prison were two brothers of a Yarsan member who had burnt himself to death in June in anger at the state's suppression of their religion.Widespread Yarsan. Die Ahl-e Haqq (persisch اهل حق, ‚Volk der Wahrheit'; kurdisch یارسان Yarsan), auch Kaka'i bzw. Yaresan genannt, sind eine im 14. Jahrhundert gegründete Religionsgemeinschaft, die zwischen der Grenze der Autonomen Region Kurdistan im Irak (um Halabdscha) und dem Iran in Lorestan und um Kermānschāh und in neuerer Zeit auch in westlichen Staaten in der Diaspora beheimatet ist. Yarsan' Third Dervish Self-Immolates to Protest Religious Persecution in Iran. 8/13/13 • (Comments Off on Third Dervish Self-Immolates to Protest Religious Persecution in Iran) Search. Social Networks. Links. My Interrogator Said: You Are An Ass, And Asses Do Not Merit Human Rights; Archives . June 2019; February 2019; December 2018; November 2018; October 2018; September 2018; August 2018. Yarsan community of Canada is a Kurdish none profits organization that works on social, civil and human rights for Yarsani people inside & outside of Iran. The short philosophy of Yarsan Yari is a religion for Yarsani people. The main ideology is based on re-incarnation or Doonadoon (Dûnadûn). Doonadoonn in Yari r.

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